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The popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” is based on a book by author Jay Asher. The storyline is set in high school where a young girl kills herself because she has been hurt and discouraged by traumatic life experiences. The story is a fictional one, but teen suicide is a very real problem in society today. 

Not wanting to live is a reality that many people face, but we are here to say there are many reasons to live and you are worth every single one of them. 

But back to the show for a minute. The protagonist, Hannah Baker details on cassettes why she took her life and named those responsible for the misery she suffered.  She identifies 12 names and reveals what these people did to her. She accounts that she was:

  • Bullied
  • Driven under the influence
  • Raped
  • And more 

The series has gained a lot of popularity with many wondering if it has glamorized suicide and may be contributing to an increase in the teen suicide rate. While many youths and people, in general, take some time to think about how they may die, these thoughts don’t linger for most. We understand that life is precious and is really a gift, and we deal with the struggles as they come along. 


The CDC indicates that Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for persons between 15 and 24 years old. Approximately 60% of all US suicides are committed with the use of a gun. These numbers are high and should urge us to take a look into the matter of suicide in our country. 

As we reflect on these alarming numbers we may want to ask ourselves, what is pushing people to this edge? What is causing their lives to feel so overwhelming that they would rather not be alive? 

Some reasons life may seem to not have meaning include:

  • A society insisting on constant productivity 
  • Being unable to meet personal expectations
  • Not meeting parents expectations
  • Feeling disconnected from friends, family or society 
  • Experiencing a sense of not belonging
  • Feeling invisible 


We live for those who love us, and so we can love them back. Being alive is a constant process of learning, finding things out, arriving at new abilities. We find it necessary to live to enjoy the world around us and to live alongside those who love us and who we love. Our hope of seeing the beauty of the things that happen next is why we want to continue living. 


Most of the people who are in your life meet your needs. Some may come into your life at a particular time to meet an expressed need and will be around until that need is fulfilled before moving away from center stage. Some people come along to offer us guidance and assistance while others come along to offer support spiritually or emotionally. Some may come into your life temporarily and others may stick around for the long haul. Those people who feel like they are godsends, they most definitely are. 


All life forms share a purpose: survival. This is the most essential purpose, even more so than reproduction. There is no reproduction without survival and so survival literally is a must. 

We are quite aware that the younger generation flirts with the idea of a suicide attempt, but we don’t realize how many adults flirt with the idea. The truth is that many adults feel hopeless and contemplated suicide, and many also complete it. 

In the Netflix series, the protagonist, Hannah Baker gave reasons she did what she did and here we want to give you reasons to live, reasons to not go ahead with that suicide attempt. Here are our 13 reasons you should live. 

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  1. Life Invites Us to Learn Every day 

There is always something new to learn. Look how long scientists have been studying the earth and are always finding new information. Sometimes we learn good things, and sometimes we learn bad things, but nothing ever stays the same. And this leads us to the next reason. 

  1. Life is Dynamic, Not Static

Our lives are constantly in motion, similar to the ocean’s waves. Each wave of life brings us a new experience, bad waves may come and uproot us, but good waves always come around and refresh us eventually. Nothing stays the same forever. 

  1. Life is a Gift 

Have you ever had to mourn a loved one? Have you ever watched a dear friend or family member mourn the death of their loved one? So many people leave us way too soon and many of us regret not enjoying life with our loved ones more before they had to leave us. Life is a gift, enjoy it while you can before sickness and old age takes over, without ending it prematurely. 

  1. Our Lives Aren’t Only Ours 

We share our lives with those around us as much as they share their lives with us. We are all important to somebody, and though it may not feel this way at some times, don’t give in to the feeling. We should each take care of ourselves for us and also for our loved ones that need us alive. 

  1. There is A New Experience Awaiting you in Every Day

If you don’t live through the day you will never know what you would miss out on. Stay here and live through the experiences. 

  1. You Design Your Own Life 

As a teenager, you may feel as if you have no control over your life, but you won’t be a teenager forever. You will eventually have the chance to move out, to start your own life, and at this point, it can be whatever you have always wanted it to be. You will find beauty and you will find challenges and these will help you to grow and develop into your true self. 

  1. We All Suffer 

Every single one of us goes through experiences in life that leave scars behind. But so often we get help and refuse to take it. If you are having a rough time, know that you are not alone. Just take the help that is being offered to you and work through it together. 

  1. Our Sufferings Make Us Grow

While we all suffer, these problems help to mold us into better people. We learn something from the problems as well as from the methods taken to solve them. This information we take through the rest of our lives and are better equipped to deal with the blows that life sends our way later. And this takes us to the next reason. 

  1. We Discover More About Ourselves Every day 

As we go through the different life experiences, we get to have a better understanding of ourselves, and we get to learn about strengths we never even knew we had.

  1. We Discover Self-Love 

Each day you look into the mirror, you go through trials, you learn, and you find new things to appreciate about yourself. If you don’t go through each day and take what it sends your way and deal with, you will never learn your strengths and will never be able to love yourself the way you truly deserve. As each day passes by, focus on the good thing you did and love on yourself. 

  1. We Discover “Falling in Love”

Self love is not the only love we discover each day we go through life. We live and learn to love ourselves and love the people around us. As we learn about more things and live through new experiences, we learn to love new foods, new sensations, new sounds, new plants, new music, and we learn to love life itself for all its beauty. 

  1. All The Things You Can Do Alive that You Can’t Do Dead

Is that one thing, that one feeling, that one problem worth not experiencing life ever again? Life is rewarding in so many ways, and when there are downs we can look forward to the ups that are to come, but when we give in to these feelings we have nothing. Yes, you will not feel the pain but you also won’t feel the joy of all the little things and all the big things, and they are worth so much more than simply not knowing and not feeling that one pain. 

  1. Death is Sure

It is waiting for each of us the day we enter this world. Why choose to go there before you need to? Don’t call on death before its time, it’s coming anyway. Enjoy this life you have been given before death comes naturally. 

The last point may lead you to ask – Why Do We Die Anyway? 

Our bodies are not made to last forever, our organs eventually slow down, wear out and stop working. While a lot of people die of old age, others die of illness, in accidents, or in some other ways. Some get to die peacefully in their sleep and others do not. While this may be scary to think about, and we all wish to die peacefully in our sleep, the fact of the matter is that we are not designed to last forever. When our organs start failing for whatever reason, we have done our time and the end will reach you at that moment, not before.  


Your purpose is where you find meaning. What is it that you do and what is it that you contribute. Your purpose can be linked to the things you love the most, your family members, your job, your hobby. Your purpose is to make the best of the life you have been given and enjoy those people, jobs and activities that bring you joy. 


Grieving can bring on a multitude of health impacts. There is a condition called “Heartbreak Syndrome” with the medical term “takotsubo cardiomyopathy”. This condition is incredibly rare but yes, it does occur.  


We understand that depression can easily throw a veil over the beauty of life. If you are contemplating suicide or someone you know is at risk for suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline. 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). 

If you would like to get face to face help, please contact Estadt Psychological Services, so we can schedule an appointment with you or your loved one. We are waiting to hear from you. 


Do you struggle with depression?

We have clinicians expert on depression, feel free to read about them, or book a free consultation to review your situation.